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I would like to thank Terri and Brad for providing our family with such a wonderful Berniedoodle pup. From our first email to tour meeting at the time of delivery, everything went perfectly. Terri picked out the pup I had described to her! He's such a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you again for raising him in the right way right from birth! Sue Hodson, IN

My experience with Terri and Brad was nothing less than great! Terri was always there ready to answer any questions, and I had many. My husband and I drove to KY to pick up our new puppy. All the puppies were in great shape and had been raised with lots of love. I would highly recommend Terri and Brad, she breeds these beautiful dogs because she loves them and to me, that's what a good breeder is all about. Trish Green, OH

I have many more references if needed.

Labradoodle puppy Neurological Stimulation

We implement the program 3 days after birth with our Labradoodle puppies. The process requires handling the puppies one at a time while performing a series of five exercises, none of which occur naturally during the early period of life. By doing this, our Labradoodle puppies pups benefit in the following ways:

1.     Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)

2.     Stronger heart beats

3.     Stronger adrenal glands

4.     More tolerance to stress and

5.     Greater resistance to disease.  

In tests of learning, stimulated pups were found to be more active and were more exploratory than their non-stimulated littermates over which they were dominant in competitive situations.

Secondary effects were also noted regarding test performance. In simple problem-solving tests using detours in a maze, the non-stimulated pups became extremely aroused, whined a great deal, and made many errors.

Their stimulated littermates were less disturbed or upset by test conditions, and when comparisons were made, the stimulated littermates were calmer in the test environment, made fewer errors and were only occasionally distressed.

Breeding Ethics 

Our goal is very simple: To keep our dogs happy and healthy. All our breeding adults are health screened. Our puppies are home raised until they go to live with their new parents and families, and are very well socialized (and spoiled) with children and other animals. We even start house breaking them during the last few weeks they are with us. Good socialization requires frequent handling and experience with sights and sounds the puppies are likely to encounter in their new homes. Puppies that are raised with minimal contact with people are unlikely to make good companion pets. All of our dogs have plenty of room to run and are never chained or caged. Our dedication is reflected in every happy, healthy puppy that leaves our home. We encourage people to visit us, meet our parents, and interact with all of our Labradoodle puppies.