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This is an the 3 health guarantee which I issue with each pup. I have tried to make it as straight forward as  possible. Please let me know if you have any questions. thanks.


Health Agreement and Contract for sale of an Australian Labradoodle

Description: white and black DOB: 08/18/2016, Parents: Coons Buddy and Coons Emmy puppy’s Name: Simon

Seller Terri Coon   Buyer

Address 1805 Kirkwoodsprings RD Address

City St Zip Dawson Springs, KY 42408 City St Zip

Purchase price of $______ was received in full when the pup was picked up on ________.

Buyer must have the puppy purchased seen by a veterinarian with in 72 business hours of receiving the puppy. This is to ensure that the puppy is in good health. If the buyer does not have the puppy seen by a veterinarian with in the first 72 business of receiving the puppy, this contract is void. If at anytime, for any reason, this dog is bred, this contract is void.

The puppy purchased will be replaced with a puppy of equal or lesser value if a congenital disease or deformity is detected before the puppy is 3 years of age, and this disease or deformity is life threatening at the time it is diagnosed. Seller needs to see a statement from 2 licensed veterinarians in regards to the disease or deformity stating that it could only be the result of heredity/genetics. The seller is in now way required to pay more than half the purchase price of the puppy, if the pup is not forfeited back to the seller. Any medical bills, vet costs, or shipping costs incurred at anytime during the puppy’s lifetime, will be the responsibility of the buyer. Also, no puppy will be replaced and this contract is void if the disease or deformity could have been caused by environmental factors or neglect. This could include a broken bone, inadequate nutrition, being over-weight, lack of exercise, neglect, etc....

All pups are fed ProPac Puppy Food unless otherwise stated. I strongly recommend that you feed your puppy a super premium puppy food such as Taste of the Wild, Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo, Eukanuba or Iams.

There is no guarantee on the personality or temperament or color of the puppy.

The buyer also agrees to provide the dog with a loving home, plenty of food and water, proper shelter, and companionship. Also, the buyer agrees to send the seller a picture of the puppy between 11 and 13 months of age (thru mail or electronically), or this contract is void.





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